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Working with Speech Recognition WINDOWS 8



Speech recognition has been around for several years, and the

technology has made great progress in its ability to recognize

voices and accents and deliver more accurate results. The

Windows Speech Recognition feature has become a practical

alternative to entering text or commands with a keyboard,

although you will still have to review text for misunderstood

words and clean up punctuation a bit.

To get started with Speech Recognition, you first have to turn

the feature on; then, you can make various settings for how it



Working with Speech Recognition WINDOWS 8


Start Speech Recognition

1 On Start screen, begin to type

Control Panel.

2 Click the Control Panel app.

3 Click Ease Of Access.

4 Click Start Speech Recognition.


Working with Speech Recognition WINDOWS 8


5 Click Next to move on from the Welcome

screen. (See the next task.)


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