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What is New in Windows 8?



The biggest changes in Windows 8 involve the way thingsappear in the Windows Start screen, as well as the ability tointeract with Windows by using a touchscreen.


touchscreen WINDOWS 8


Windows 8 makes excellent use of online resources and third-party apps, somewhat akin to the way the average smartphone does. With an Internet connection, you’ll find that on-screen elements update you in real time about everything from stocks and weather to activity on your social networking sites. Because you’re probably connected with many people in a variety of ways, Windows 8 gives you the ability to share content with others easily. Also, Windows Live ID and Windows To Go features allow you to access your content from wherever you are. If you’ve used File Explorer before, you’ll find that it now includes a ribbon, with tools similar to those you might have used in a recent version of Microsoft Office.


recent version of Microsoft Office WINDOWS 8


The Final Word Your computer has become vital to your productivity and entertainment, so why shouldn’t your computing experience be pleasant and fun? In this book, I try to offer short tasks to get you working with Windows 8 quickly and painlessly. I keep the technical terminology and explanations to a minimum, all within a visually appealing book that immediately connects you to what you see on screen. My goal is to get you less focused on the tool and more focused on what you can do with it to make your life simpler. I hope you find the structure and design of this book easy to navigate and helpful as you get up to speed with all the wonderful new features in Windows 8.


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