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Viewing World Weather WINDOWS 8



The Weather app provides a shortcut for viewing weather in

locations throughout the world. You can display a map of the

world, with major cities in regions such as Europe, South America,

Africa, and Australia called out. The world weather map

doesn’t offer every major city in the world, but it is a quick way

to see the weather around the world and jump to any major

city that is displayed. (Remember, you can use the Places feature

in the Weather app to view weather from any town or city

in the world.)


Display World Weather Maps

1 With the Weather app open,



Viewing World Weather WINDOWS 8


2 Click the World Weather button.

3 Click a city.


The display on the World Weather map

alternates between two sets of major cities

every few seconds. In Asia, for example, you

can view Beijing, China or Tokyo, Japan. Just

wait a few seconds to see the alternate cities



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