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Using SkyDrive Windows 8

To use SkyDrive in Windows 8, you need a Microsoft account instead of a local account so you can log on to Windows. If you try to access SkyDrive from a local account, Windows 8 will ask you to change your account settings.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

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To access SkyDrive, upload, download, or sync files and settings, you must have a working Internet connection.

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Check your Internet connection, and then tap or click to refresh the page.

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Browsing skyDrive from the skyDrive App Windows 8

You open the SkyDrive app from the Start screen by clicking or tapping its icon.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

You can also search for the word SkyDrive and click or tap the appropriate search result.

When you open SkyDrive, the application takes a few seconds to load information about the folders and files you have uploaded. It will always show your last accessed folder. If you haven't used it before, it will show your SkyDrive home location.

Ciprian's SkyDrive

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

For each folder, you see its name and the number of files found inside. For each file, you see an icon representative of its type and the name of the file. For pictures, you see a preview of the file.

If you right-click a file, a contextual menu opens at the bottom of the SkyDrive app window, the file is selected, and a check mark appears on its icon's upper-right corner. The same result can be achieved with a press and hold on the file and a slight downward movement with your finger.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

To open a folder or a file, click or tap it. When you open a file, SkyDrive opens it with the application that is set as the default on your computer for opening that file type. For example, PDF documents are opened by default with Reader.

If you want to browse through different areas of SkyDrive, click or tap the name of your SkyDrive to open a menu with the standard locations defined for your SkyDrive: your SkyDrive, Recent Documents, and Shared.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

The Recent Documents area displays the files you recently opened. If no files were accessed, the list will be empty. The Shared area displays folders and files others have shared with you. If none are shared, the list will be empty.

On the left side of the name of your SkyDrive is the Back button, which you use to go back to the previous location. This button is visible only after you have opened folders found on your SkyDrive. When accessing your SkyDrive start location, it is not visible.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

The contextual menu shown at the bottom of the SkyDrive window displays useful buttons, depending on where you are in SkyDrive and what was selected.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

Let's look at each option:

CLEAR SELECTION Shown only if at least one file or folder was selected. Its purpose is to clear the current selection of files or folders.

DOWNLOAD Displayed only when one or more files were selected. This button is used to download the selected file(s) to your computer.

DELETE Shown only if at least one file or folder was selected. A click or tap deletes the item(s) you have selected.

OPEN WITH Allows you to select the app with which to open the selected item.

REFRESH Refreshes the list of items displayed on your SkyDrive.

NEW FOLDER Allows you to create a new folder on the SkyDrive at the current location.

UPLOAD Uploads new items to SkyDrive.

DETAILS (OR THUMBNAILS) Changes the way items are displayed. The default view is Thumbnails. Clicking Details shows items using this view, and the button is changed to Thumbnails.

SELECT ALL Selects all the items displayed in the current location. Using your mouse or finger to point to an item from SkyDrive reveals more information about it, including its name, the date when it was last modified, its size, and the people with whom it is shared.

Using SkyDrive Windows 8

You can see that SkyDrive is relatively easy to use. To be productive when using it, don't hesitate to go through the next sections and exercises.


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