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Using Windows Setup and Program Compatibility Troubleshooter WINDOWS 8



When using a new version of an operating system, you mightexperience some transition time as various software and hardwarevendors work to update their products to work with theoperating system. The Windows 8 Setup program scans yourcomputer to see what’s compatible (including apps, devices,and previous versions of Windows on your computer) and generatesa Compatibility Summary that you can save or print outto alert you to possible problems. Consider going to a manufacturer’ssite to look for Windows 8–compatible upgrades thatcan solve these problems.You can also choose during the Setup program to keepWindows Settings, Personal Files, and Apps; Just Personal Files;or Nothing. These choices vary based on which version of Windowsyou upgrade from. In most cases, you should choose theUsing Windows Setup and Program Compatibility Troubleshooter WINDOWS 8first option to keep all of your apps and files intact.You can also use the steps that follow to run the WindowsProgram Compatibility Troubleshooter.


Run the Windows Program CompatibilityTroubleshooter




1 From the Start screen, type Control Panel.2 In the search results, click the Control Panel app.3 Click Programs.4 Click Run Programs Made For Previous VersionsOf Windows and follow the instructions to testsettings.


Be aware of an upgrade issue if you’re upgrading from WindowsXP. An upgrade will transfer only apps, but no settings oruser account files. For this reason, it’s a good idea to back upor make note of those system and file settings.


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