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Using Windows Remote Assistance WINDOWS 8



Remote Assistance involves sending an invitation to somebodyasking for help. That person can then click an attachment tothe email to accept and access your computer system, movearound your computer, and use various tools to pinpoint andfix any problems you might be having. Always make sure thatyou know and trust any person who you allow to access yourcomputer using Remote Assistance.



Get Remote Help1 On the Start screen, begin to typeControl Panel.2 Click the Control Panel app.3 Click System And Security.


Using Windows Remote Assistance WINDOWS 8


4 Click Launch Remote Assistance.5 Click Invite Someone You Trust ToHelp You.6 Click Use Email To Send An Invitationto send a message using an emailaccount that you’ve configured inWindows 8.


Using Windows Remote Assistance WINDOWS 8


7 Enter the recipient’s email address.8 Modify the message if necessary.9 Click Send.





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