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Using the Social Apps Windows 8

Being social is a key component of anyone's computing life. Windows 8 tries to meet the need for interaction with our friends, family, and coworkers by offering a few well-integrated apps: Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging. Their tiles on the Start screen are very visible, and they are placed in the same group. When you start using the apps, their tiles automatically display live data such as updates from your friend on Facebook whose birthday is today or the schedule of your next meeting.

Using the Social Apps Windows 8

These apps are integrated and, after you add an account on one of them, it can be accessed from all the others. For example, you can add your Google mail account to the Mail app

And your Facebook account to the People app. Then, you can view your Google calendar in the Calendar app, and you can chat with your Facebook friends by using the Messaging app.

In this chapter, you'll learn the basics about using all these apps, and you'll learn how to use the Camera app.

PRACTICE FILES You don't need any practice files to complete the exercises in this chapter. For more information about practice file requirements, see "Using the Practice Files" at the beginning of this book.


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