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Using the People App Windows 8

The People app displays all the contacts you have for all the email accounts and services you have added in the Mail app and, through your Microsoft account (also known as Windows Live ID), it can access social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn after you authorize your Microsoft account to access these services. The People app will download all your friends and contacts and share their latest updates.

When you open the People app, you are presented with a lot of information. A column on the left is for accessing your own updates, viewing notifications, and accessing what is new. On the right, your contacts are listed in alphabetical order. The top-right corner displays Connected To, followed by a list of icons that represent the accounts to which the People app is connected.

Using the People App Windows 8

In the left column are three sections:

ME Shows your updates and notifications on the social networks to which you're connected

Using the People App Windows 8

VIEW NOTIFICATIONS View the latest notifications available on the social networks you are connected to

WHAT'S NEW Shows updates from all your contacts on all the social networks to which you're connected

Using the People App Windows 8 Using the People App Windows 8

Access a contact by clicking or tapping the name. The People app shows the contact details that have been stored and, if available, any updates from that person on the social networks to which you are connected.

To show the menu with contextual options, right-click or swipe from the bottom edge to display the following buttons:

Home Returns you to the People area. It serves as a shortcut that takes you to the home screen of the People app.

Online Only Filters the list of people to show only those who are listed as online at that moment. Another click or tap reverts this setting and displays all your contacts.

New Enables you to create a new contact.

Using the People App Windows 8

As you can see, using the People app is relatively easy. If you integrate it with the social networks you are using, it can be a great tool for managing your connections with other people.


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