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Using the Messaging App Windows 8

The Messaging app acts as a complement to the People app. In the People app, you can manage your list of contacts and add your friends from social networks such as Facebook. From the Mail app, you can send them email messages, and from the Messaging app, you can chat with them. Use the Messaging app to chat with your Facebook friends and those who are using the Messenger service.

When you open the app, you see the discussion threads that were previously started. If you added your Facebook account to the People app, you can also view the latest messages you received.

At the top right of the window is the Connected To notice, followed by some icons that represent the messaging services to which you are connected.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

If you want to change your status or delete a messaging thread, right-click or swipe from the bottom edge. A menu appears with these options:

STATus Change your status on the messaging services to which you're connected. It can be set to Online or Invisible.

INviTE Invite your friends to use the Messaging app or view invitations you received to chat through the Microsoft service.

DELETE Delete the active messaging thread.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

By using the Settings charm, you can change the accounts you're using and the options and permissions for the Messaging app. If you want to use a webcam and a microphone during chat sessions, you must change the Webcam and Microphone permissions from Off to On.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

As you can see, the Messaging app is very similar to the other apps covered in this chapter.

Starting a Conversation with the Messaging Windows 8


It's easy to start conversations with the Messaging app. After you select the people with whom you want to talk, you can view the conversation thread on the left-side column. On the right, you see the picture of the person with whom you're talking, his or her status, your picture, your status, and the messages exchanged so far. To send a message, type it in the text box at the bottom of the window and press Enter. Type your replies in the same text box and press Enter to send them to the other person.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

You can start conversations on Facebook only with your online friends; you can't leave them offline messages from the Messaging app. However, you can leave offline messages to people by using the Microsoft Messaging service (Windows Live Messenger).

In this exercise, you'll learn how to start a conversation by using the Messaging app.

SET UP Make sure your Windows 8 device is connected to the Internet and then open the Messaging app.

1 Click or tap the New message option, found in the column on the left.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

2 Wait for the People app to load and display all your contacts.

3 Click or tap Online only to view the people with whom you can start a conversation at this moment.

Using the Messaging App Windows 8

4 Browse through the list of people and select the person with whom you want to start the conversation.

5 Click or tap Choose to display the Messaging window.

6 Type your message and press Enter in the chat window to start the conversation. Clean UP After your chat, close the Messaging app.

The Messaging app saves the conversation you just started. You can delete it later if you don't want to save it.

Use the same procedure to leave an offline message.


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