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Using the Mail App Windows 8

The Mail app runs in full-screen mode, just like all Windows 8 apps. Its interface is minimal-istic and focuses on browsing and reading your email messages. Unfortunately for users who are accustomed to the Desktop, it might not be easy to find your way at first, so learning the basics for navigating this app is the place to start. As you'll see in this section and the ones that follow it, Mail is a simple app that is easy to learn.

When you open the Mail app for the first time and no email accounts have been added to it, there's nothing to see. It's just an empty window with no displayed information.

As soon as you have added email accounts, things change. The application window is then split into three columns.

On the left is the Mail column, where you can see the email accounts that have been added so far. Listed above the list of accounts are the folders for the selected email account. A click or tap on a folder reveals its content.

In the middle is the Inbox column, displaying the inbox folder for the selected email account. The following summary information is displayed for each message: sender name, when it was received and its subject. This column can also display messages from folders other than those in your Inbox (Sent Items, for instance). On smaller displays and lower resolutions (such as 1024 * 768 pixels), this column is merged with the first column. For example, when you select an email account or folder, the Mail column is replaced by the Inbox column. To get back to the Mail column, click or tap the Back button at the top of the column.

On the right, the messages you select are displayed in their entirety.

Using the Mail App Windows 8

To display the menu with contextual options, right-click or swipe from the bottom edge. This menu includes the following buttons:

SYNC Use this button to start the synchronization procedure that downloads any new email messages you've received since the last time you checked the email account and sends the messages that are in the send queue, if any.

PIN TO START Use this button to pin the selected inbox to the Start screen.

MOVE Use this button to move the selected email message to another folder.

MARK UNREAD Use this button to mark the email message that is currently open as unread.

Using the Mail App Windows 8

The three buttons on the top-right side of the window are for: Creating a new email message.

Opening a small menu with options to reply to the message or forward it to other people.

Deleting the email message.

Using the Mail App Windows 8

After you start using the Mail app, it remembers the last email account and folder you accessed, so each time you start the app, it opens the last accessed folder for the last accessed email account.


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