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Using the Photos App Windows 8

By using the Photos app, available from the Start screen, you can browse the Pictures library on your computer and pictures you've stored on the Internet in places such as SkyDrive, Facebook, and Flickr. You can also access pictures stored on connected devices.

When you open the Photos app, what you see depends on your presence on the Internet, how you've previously set up the Photos app, and what online accounts you've already associated with your Windows 8 computer. For example, if you've used SkyDrive and have pictures stored there, you'll see and have access to your SkyDrive folder. If you've associated your Windows 8-based computer with your Facebook account in any app, you'll see your Facebook photos here, too. However, you might only see pictures from your Pictures library, or you might be prompted to tell Windows where your pictures are stored.

Hen you're in the Photos app, you can use your mouse's wheel to scroll through the photo folders (or the photos in a folder you've opened). Scrolling with a mouse wheel moves the images and folders left and right. You can also use the scroll bar that appears at the botВ­tom of the Photos app, or you can use your finger to navigate photo folders by swiping and flicking using touch gestures. You must click or tap a folder to manage your photos and to view them. When you enter a folder, you're in Preview mode.

Using the Photos App Windows 8

After you've opened a folder, whether it's the Pictures library, SkyDrive, Facebook, or another library, you can view and manage the photos available in it. For now, however, click or tap any photo in any folder to view it in fullscreen mode. Note the back arrow that appears to help you navigate the app. As you continue to use the app, you'll see more back and forward options. Finally, position your mouse near the bottom-right corner of the screen. There you'll find a + and - sign to enable you to zoom in and out.

Troubleshooting If you don't see any icons on the screen, move the mouse or tap the screen one time. The icons disappear after a second or two when they aren't needed.

Using the Photos App Windows 8

If you don't yet have any photos on your computer, you can copy the files provided in the Practice Files folder for this book. If you'd like to add your own pictures, you can do so by placing your pictures in the Pictures library. Although there are several ways to do this, the easiest is to browse to the files to include (whether they are on a CD or DVD, on a network drive, or on a USB key or Secure Digital [SD] card), select the desired files, copy those files, and then paste them into the Pictures folder. If you're unsure how to browse to, copy, and paste files, refer to Chapter 4, "Saving, Browsing, and Organizing Files and Folders."

Using the Photos App Windows 8

After you have photos in your Pictures library and can view them, you'll find that Photos also offers charms, just like all other apps. Using touch gestures, you can swipe upward from the bottom to view the charms; otherwise, right-click with the mouse. The charms you see depend on which folder you're in or what picture you're viewing. For example, right-clicking a photo in the Facebook folder while it's in full screen mode offers the option to view the photo on Facebook, but right-clicking a photo in the Pictures library does not.

Using the Photos App Windows 8

In this exercise, you'll use the Photos app to browse to a folder that contains pictures and to scroll through them. You'll also review the available options in both Preview and fullscreen mode.

SET UP You need to have saved the Windows8Pictures folder to the My Pictures folder on your computer to complete this exercise. This folder is located in the Chapter03 practice file folder.

1 From the Start screen, Click (or touch) Photos.

2 If you've used the Photos app before, it might open with a photo or folder already selected. If so, click the Back Arrow until you are at the main screen. (You might have to click to see the Back arrow.)

3 Click Pictures library And then click or touch the Windows8Pictures Folder.

Using the Photos App Windows 8

4 Click or tap any picture in the folder to open it in fullscreen mode. Move the mouse around to see the Back And any Forward Arrows that appear and then click the screen to access the applicable Back button.

Using the Photos App Windows 8

5 Click the top-most Back Button to return to the Windows8Pictures Folder. You may have to click the screen to see it.

6 Right-click the Sheep picture to select it and view the available charms. dEAN UP Leave the Photos app open to this screen.

Now that you've seen some of the charms, at least those that specifically apply when you are viewing pictures stored on your computer, you can see how you could easily delete a single picture or view a slideshow of the images in a folder. You can also see that the picture you right-clicked was automatically selected (which means you can quickly delete it). You can select additional photos by right-clicking them, too. (If you're using touch, tap, hold, and drag downward to select additional photos.)

The options you can access by right-clicking a photo while in the Pictures library include:

^ CLEAR SELECTION Click this to clear the files you've previously selected. You can select files from only one folder at a time.

SELECTED View this to see how many photos are currently selected.

DELETE Click this to delete the selected photo(s).

SLIDE SHOw Click this to watch a slide show of the pictures in the selected folder.

^ SELECT ALL Click this to select all the pictures in a folder. It does not appear that you can do anything with the selected files yet except delete them, but you might be able to copy or cut those files in the future.

IMpORT Click to choose a device from which to import photos.


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