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Using the File Explorer Ribbon WINDOWS 8



In previous versions of Windows, File Explorer was called Windows

Explorer. New to File Explorer in Windows 8 is a ribbon

of tools that you can use to work with your files and folders.

If you’ve used previous versions of Windows, it’s worth taking

a moment to review the contents of the new ribbon. The tabs

on the ribbon provide different types of tools, including the



On the Home tab, you can copy and paste items,

organize and delete them, create new libraries and

folders, and open or select files and folders.


Using the File Explorer Ribbon WINDOWS 8


You can use the tools on the Share tab to send files to

others or to share them with other users in your computer



On the View tab you can look at the contents of your

drive in a variety of ways, showing specifics levels of

detail and sorting the contents by criteria such as

name, size, or date created.


The View tab WINDOWS 8


You can use the File tab to access Favorite Places,

open a new File Explorer window, clear your recent

items or address bar history, or modify options for

how you work with folders.


Content-specific tabs, such as Picture Tools, appear

when you have selected certain types of content



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