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Using the Camera WINDOWS 8



Assuming your computing device has a built-in webcam, you

can use that camera to take photos and videos. You can use

settings in the Camera app of Windows 8 to choose which

mode to use, camera or video, and to select from a small set of

resolution options.


Change Camera and Camera Mode

Sometimes you want to take still photos, and at other

times you want to record a video, and if you have a

device that has both front-facing and back-facing cameras,

you need to choose which camera mode to use.

Changing between the photo and video modes is a

simple matter of a mouse click (or, if you’re lucky enough

to have a touchscreen, a tap on the screen).


Using the Camera WINDOWS 8


1 On the Start screen, click the Camera tile.

2 To change between front-facing and back-facing

cameras if your computing device has both, click

the Change Camera button.

3 To switch between video (white background) and

still camera (black background), click the Video

Mode button.


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