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Using Reminders WINDOWS 8




One reason to enter events in the Calendar app is so that you

can be reminded of those events ahead of time. When you

create an event, you can also apply a setting so that you are

alerted prior to the event—for example, 15 or 30 minutes

ahead of the event, a day ahead, and so on. When that specified

reminder time arrives, the Calendar app will send you an

email about the event.


Set Up a Reminder

1 On the Start screen, click the Calendar


2 Click an existing event or right-click

the screen and then click New.

3 If you’re creating a new event, enter a

start time.

4 Click the Show More link.


Using Reminders WINDOWS 8


5 Click the Reminder field.

6 Click the setting for how far ahead

of the event start time you’d like to

receive a reminder.

7 Click the Save this Event button.


Sometimes it’s useful to be reminded of an

event a week ahead and then again a day

ahead. If you want a couple of reminders

about an event, you will have to set this up

manually. Set the reminder that’s furthest

out—for example, one week. When that

reminder appears in your email inbox, take

a moment to go back and edit the event to

add another reminder, such as one hour or

one day ahead.



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