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Using Pinned and Frequently Visited Sites WINDOWS 8



You can pin a site to your Start screen so that you can get to

it quickly. For example, if you use a search engine regularly

or if you use a cloud player to play your music selections, you

might want to be able to access that site on your Start screen.

After it’s pinned, you can click the tile for that site and go to it

instantly by using Internet Explorer 10.


Pin a Site

1 Go to the site you want to pin to the

Start screen.

2 Right-click.

3 Click the Page Tools button.

4 Click View On The Desktop


Using Pinned and Frequently Visited Sites WINDOWS 8


Visit Frequent Sites

1 Press Alt+D.

2 Click an item in the Frequent category

to go there.


To remove a frequent site, press Alt+D

to display the Frequent sites, right-click a

site, and then click Remove.

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