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Using Mail and Messaging WINDOWS 8



Email is an important way to stay connected for a great many

people. Microsoft offers its Windows Live Hotmail accounts

for free. In this section, you learn how to set up an email account

and then how to use Hotmail tools to read, reply to, and forward

messages. You explore organizing messages in folders and working

with message attachments.

In addition, this section introduces you to the Messaging

app. Using this app, you can receive and send instant messages

to another’s telephone number or email account. Instant messaging

or IM is a more immediate communication tool than

email because you typically connect with people in real time,

rather than experiencing the delay that happens when people

don’t pick up and respond to email right away.

Setting Up an Email Account

You can set up accounts for most email providers and access

one or more of those accounts by using the Mail app. For major

providers such as Hotmail and Google, the process is typically

simple to do.


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