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Using keystroke shortcuts WINDOWS 8



Your keyboard also provides a great way to get things donewith keystroke shortcuts. This involves pressing one key andthen, while holding down that key, pressing another key or two.By using these special keystroke combinations, you can accessthe Search feature, move from one open app to another, displaythe charms, and much more.


Examples of Keystroke Shortcuts1 Press the Windows logo key to displaythe Start screen.2 Press Windows logo key+C to displaythe charms.

Using Keystroke Shortcuts WINDOWS 8


3 Press Windows logo key+Q to displaythe Search feature for apps.4 Press Windows logo key+R to go tothe desktop, and enter a program orfile name to run.5 Press the Windows logo key to returnto the Start screen.6 Press Windows logo key+Tab to displayrecently used apps.



See Appendix B, “Keyboard Shortcuts,” for a more completelisting of useful keystroke shortcuts


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