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Using Advanced Startup WINDOWS 8



If Windows is somehow corrupted or experiencing a problem,one option is to restart it but have the system boot up (retrievethe system settings) from a source other than your computer.You can choose to use a USB stick or DVD that contains eitherthe Windows operating system or a system image that you’vesaved so that you can get the system working and troubleshootany problems


Booting Your Computer from aDisc1 Place a USB stick or DVD that containsthe Windows software or asystem image in your computer.2 Press Windows logo key+I.3 Click Change PC Settings.


Using Advanced Startup WINDOWS 8


4 Click General.5 Scroll down the right pane.6 Under Advanced Startup, click RestartNow.



If you forget to insert media into your computer to boot upfrom, don’t worry. Windows will bring up a screen giving youthe option to exit and load Windows 8 the traditional way.

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