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Using a touchscreen keyboard WINDOWS 8



You might need to get used to the way an onscreen keyboardworks if you’ve never used one. The biggest difference with thedefault settings for the onscreen keyboard is that you have tochange to an alternate keyboard to access numbers and mostpunctuation; on a physical keyboard, these items occupy a rownear the top of the keyboard. You should also know how to displayand hide the onscreen keyboard.


Using a Touchscreen Keyboard WINDOWS 8


Use the Touch Keyboard1 From the Start screen, begin typingWordPad.2 Tap the WordPad app in the searchresults.3 Tap the Keyboard button.4 Tap keys to enter a word.5 Tap the Symbol/Number key.6 Tap keys to enter punctuation ornumbers.7 Tap the Symbol/Number key again todisplay the letter keyboard.


Tap keys to enter punctuation or numbers WINDOWS 8

8 Tap the Expand/Shrink button toexpand the keyboard.9 Tap the Close key to hide thekeyboard.


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