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Understanding Libraries Windows 8

LIbraries are organizational units that appear to be folders but are more flexible than foldВ­ers. When you click a library name, you actually have access to two distinct folders: your related personal folder and the related Public folder. While in a library, the data in both folders appears to be in the same place on the computer, even though it is not. Windows

8 helps you get started with libraries by offering four: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

For the most part, when using libraries to Access Data, you won't care where the data is stored; you'll just be concerned about quickly getting to the data you want. Sometimes, though, you might want to see what data is in your personal folder and what is in the Public one, perhaps to see how your data is organized and to understand what you've already made public. In this case, you can separate the data and view the content independently. This separation technique is also necessary when you need to save data to a Public folder because, as you know, by default data is saved to your personal folders. If you want to save data to a Public folder, you have to select it specifically.

In this exercise, you'll view your personal folders in the default libraries separately.

SET UP No setup is required.

1 Open File Explorer.

2 In File Explorer, From the Navigation pane, under Libraries, Click Documents.

TROUBLESHOOTING If you see only Libraries in the Navigation pane of File Explorer and nothing underneath it, click Libraries and then click the right-facing arrow to expand what's in that folder.

3 Click the Right-facing arrow To the left of Documents. It changes to a down-facing arrow.

Understanding Libraries Windows 8

A library holds two folders by default. 4 Click My Documents And then click Public Documents.

5 Repeat steps 3 and 4, accessing My Music, Public Music, My Pictures, Public Pictures, My Videos, And Public Videos.

1 CLEAN UP Leave this wi ndow open for the next exercise.

SEE ALSO "Customizing Libraries," later in this chapter.

When you want to save a file to any of the Public folders, you use this process to separate the library into its two distinct parts, and you choose the proper Public folder to which to save.


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