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Understanding Differences Among Windows 8 Versions



There are four versions of Windows 8. Most people will purchase the Home Premium version, which has themost-wanted features, but not necessarily features that business users might want. For them, the Pro versionis likely to provide the features they need.Here’s an overview of the various versions of Windows 8:• Windows 8: the mainstream consumer version of Windows 8. This version has all the features mostfolks need when using the operating system in a home setting, such as the updated File Explorer,Task Manager, support for switching languages and using multiple monitors.• Windows 8 Pro: designed for tech enthusiasts and business/technical professionals. Windows 8 Proadds encryption capability to better protect data, the ability to create virtual machines, PC managementtools and domain connectivity. The Windows Media Center is available as an add-on to Windows8 Pro. Note this is known as the “Media Pack” and is only offered as an add-on to Windows 8 Pro.• Windows 8 Enterprise: a version that is only available through Microsoft’s volume licensing subscriptionprogram. Enterprise includes features that are useful to those using Windows 8 in a Windowsserver environment who require more management tools and security. Enterprise also includes theWindows To Go feature that allows distribution of Windows 8 on USB Pen Drives.• Windows RT: geared towards portable devices such as tablets, this version doesn’t include the managementfeatures of Windows 8 Pro or Enterprise.In addition to choosing one of these editions of Windows, you should select either a 32-bit or 64-bit version.What’s New?To help you get familiar with where you go to get things done today, The following table lists the key featuresthat have changed from Windows 7 to Windows 8.Windows 7 vs. Windows 8Feature Windows 7 Windows 8Installation Up to 20 minutes Express 8-minute installationInterface Desktop Desktop and Start screenInput Methods Mouse, Keyboard Mouse, Keyboard, TouchscreenLogon User name or PIN User name with Windows Live ID logon supported Pictureand PIN


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