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Troubleshooting with Windows Task Manager WINDOWS 8



Task Manager is a utility program thatkeeps track of the various programs andprocesses that are running on your computer.Most of the data in Task Managerwill be useful only to very technical people,but Task Manager also enables the rest ofus to shut down running programs thatmight be causing a computer to seize up.

Use Windows Task Manager1 Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.


Troubleshooting with Windows Task Manager WINDOWS 8


2 Click More Details.3 Click an active app.4 Click End Task if you’re sure you wantto end a task, although you couldpotentially lose data.5 Click the Close button.To see which activities or programs are using most ofyour system’s performance capacity, click the Performancetab in Task Manager. There you’ll see a chart ofcurrently running activities and a list of those activitiesshowing the percentage of CPU and memory usagefor each running activity.


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