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Tools in Windows 8

YOU HAVE TO ADMIT, Microsoft has taken a sizeable gamble with the design of Windows 8. Some commentators say the company simply has to change the way it operates if it wants to gain any traction in the tablet and smartphone market, and with the new operating system's touch - oriented model, it has certainly started down that path. The Windows interface has undergone a radical rethink in terms of both operation and interactivity. For us desktop users, it represents a massive change from what we've become accustomed to over the years. Gone is the desktop as we've come to know it and, most jarringly of all, gone is the Start menu that we've come to love since the heady and somewhat dysfunctional days of Windows 95. But there's no need to worry all we're looking at with Windows 8 is essentially a re-skinned version of Windows 7 with some fancy new GUI components dropped in on top of it. As Micro - soft itself says in the reviewer's guides it sent out to the media: It's Windows 7, only better. In this how-to, we'll show you how to access all the administrative features and tools you've come to rely on, in Windows 8. - DAVE JAMES UNLOCK THE AOMIN TOOLS On the new Windows 8 Start screen, start by bringing up the Charms bar from the right - hand side of the screen and clicking Settings. Then select the Tiles menu and slide the bar that says "Show administrative tools" to the right (image A). Now just tap anywhere on the main screen to remove the Charms bar. and the full set of administrative tools will be displayed. When these tools appear, they may be mixed in with various other shortcuts, but we'll show you how to tidy them up. You can group icons together on the Start screen with a few clicks. First. minimize the icons by hovering the mouse over the bottom right corner and clicking the minus symbol. You can now see the indi - vidual groups by right-clicking them. When you right-click, a bar will appear at the base of the screen giving you the option to name the group. Once you've en - tered a name here (image B), you can zoom back into the Start screen and move individual icons between groups. Return to the minimized view and you can move entire groups around by drag - ging and dropping them into your preferred place. Tools in Windows 8
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