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Switching to a Different Power Plan Windows 8

A power plan is a group of settings that defines when your monitor goes to sleep and when the computer goes to sleep. This occurs after a specific amount of idle time. In the case of laptops and tablets, there are two sets of settings, one for when the computer is plugged in and one for when it's running on battery power. You change the power plan from Control Panel, under Hardware And Sound, in Power Options. To select a plan and apply it, select the desired plan by clicking the option button beside the plan name.

Switching to a Different Power Plan Windows 8

Here are three power plans (but you can create your own). On a desktop computer, the settings are as listed here. (Laptops have a second set of settings for when the laptop is runВ­ning on battery power.)

■ BALANCED This is the default plan. The display turns off after 10 minutes; the comВ­puter goes to sleep after 30 minutes.

^ POwER SAvER This plan is the best for minimizing power usage. The display turns off after five minutes; the computer goes to sleep after 15 minutes.

^ HIGH Performance This plan is best when you need all the computing power you can obtain. The display turns off after 15 minutes; the computer never goes to sleep. To access this plan, you must click the arrow by Show Additional Plans.

From this window, you can perform other power-related tasks. You can choose what the power buttons do, for instance. If you have a laptop, you might want the computer to shut down when you close its lid. You might just want it to sleep. Likewise, you might want to press the Power button on a desktop computer to cause it to sleep, shut down, hibernate, or, perhaps, do nothing.

You can change aspects of a plan. For instance, if you like the Balanced plan but would rather the display and computer go to sleep after 30 minutes, you can easily make the change. You can restore the defaults for a plan with a single click, too. You can create your own power plan from scratch. However, the three default plans will likely suffice with a little tweaking.

Switching to a Different Power Plan Windows 8

In this exercise, you'll choose a power plan. Set UP No setup is required for this exercise.

1 Using any method, access the Start Screen. One way is to press the Windows key on the keyboard.

2 Type Power. Click Settings.

3 Click Change power-saving settings.

Switching to a Different Power Plan Windows 8

4 Select a plan to use.

5 Close the Power Options Window.

CLEAN UP Close the Power Options window and return to the Start screen.


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