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Switching Among User Accounts WINDOWS 8



When you have set up more than one user account on your

Windows 8 computer, you will want to switch among them.

For example, you might have one account for you and one for

your spouse. With separate accounts you can each make your

own settings and save your own documents and limit access to

those documents with a personal password or PIN. You change

to a different account from the lock screen.


Log In as a Different User

1 Click Windows logo key+L to display

the lock screen.

2 Drag the screen upward to reveal the

user logon screen.


Switching Among User Accounts WINDOWS 8


3 Click the arrow to the left of the user


4 Click another user picture.

5 Enter the user password.


Switching Among User Accounts WINDOWS 8


If you have administrative privileges on your Windows 8 device,

you can use the User Accounts And Family Safety option in the

Desktop Control Panel to manage accounts. From there, you

can set up Family Safety for each account, change the account

type, delete accounts, and even change the password for local





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