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Swiping Corners and Edges WINDOWS 8



In Windows 8, you can use the corners and edges of the screento take three important actions. You can display charms, whichgive you access to various settings and the Start screen; youcan display recently used and open apps to move among apps;finally, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to closean app.


Swipe the Screen1 Tap an app tile on the Start screen.

Swiping Corners and Edges WINDOWS 82 Swipe down to close the app.3 Swipe from the right to displaycharms.

Swipe up to display a toolbar WINDOWS 84 Swipe up to display a toolbar.


You can use your mouse to click tiles and to drag an appdownward to close it. To display charms, you simply moveyour mouse to the upper-right or lower-right corner withoutclicking. In many apps, you can display toolbars by simplyright-clicking.


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