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Streaming games on PlayStation 4, dismissal Valve, the new Batman Arkham this year

    Streaming games on
PlayStation 4, dismissal
Valve, the new Batman Arkham this year

    Last week we remember the spontaneous purchase of Wargaming, which unexpectedly became bankrotyaschegosya Gas Powered Games, the official launch of the store and the customer EA Origin on Mac OS X, and the release of Steam for Linux. And now to the other news, and among them, to our great surprise, there is not one on Kickstarter.


    Sony PlayStation 4 will Stream PS3-games through the service Gaikai

    Prior to the official event Sony, scheduled for February 20, which presumably announce PlayStation 4 is a few days and full of rumors about the network of the new console. With photo gamepad PS4 you already looked at now it was reported that the PS3 games console will be in the new Stream through the service Gaikai, bought by Sony for $ 380 million a year ago. Earlier it was reported that due to the use of PC components, the new console as Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, will not be compatible with old games. Solution with streaming in this case appears to be optimal. Let's see what is actually present Sony 20 February and as a response to this Microsoft.

    So far, Sony has to remember the high points of the evolution PlayStation. Layoffs in Valve, Gabe promises nothing close

    Valve dismissed unconfirmed reports of up to 25 developers, including from hardvernogo and

    Android-divisions, which, naturally, has caused rumors about cancellation of some projects and future changes in the Valve. It all started with a tweet fired Jeri Ellsworth, hardvernogo engineers who Steam Big Picture Mode and conjugation Steam with a gamepad and TV. A little later, there were reports of more layoffs and it became known that the company takes the director of developer relations Jason Holtman, formerly with Valve to 2005

    Rumors began multiplies exponentially, forcing Gabe Newell to make a semi-official explanation. Without going into the details of the head of Valve said that none of the projects the company is not closed. Neither Linux-Steam version, or the development of iron (read Steam Box), or any of gaming projects (read: Half-Life 3.) In general, no adjustment to the Company does not intend, and is not your thing, who is working or not working at Valve.

    As a result, the page with the list of employees missed a total of 6 people, for Valve, with its approximately 400 employees, quite a bit.

    Development of Age of Wonders 3 Minecraft creator finances

    Suddenly came to light that the calls made during last week's announcement of the turn-based strategy Age of Wonders 3 is none other than Notch Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft. Game developers, Dutch Triumph Studios (Age of Wonders series and Overlord) noticed in one of the startup screens Minecraft mention Age of Wonders and wrote a letter to Persson. The same was an old fan of the series and has funded a project abandoned by many traditional publishers. Age of Wonders 3 will be released on PC this fall, and then will show the version for Mac, and in the future and publication of the tablets.

    Avalanche Studios unannounced game could be Just Cause 3

    Streaming games on
PlayStation 4, dismissal
Valve, the new Batman Arkham this year

    It all started with this tweet Sanberga Christopher, founder of Avalanche Studios and author of Just Cause. Link from a tweet led to the instagram photo of poor quality, showing a part of the TV screen with a motorcyclist. Now fans of Just Cause and the gaming press arguing that depicted on the screen - whether a new part of Just Cause, which is rumored to be in development since 2012, that the project of the film Mad Max, above which seems to be too worked Avalanche. Hook in the hand of the hero talks about Just Cause 3, desert and motorcycles on Mad Max. Leakage clearly sanctioned, so that the details of a new project Avalanche Studios should appear in the near future.

    Destiny from Bungie released October 6

    Bungie officially unveil its new ambitious project Destiny only tomorrow, but in the network already leaked promotional materials of one of the French stores, where you can see the cover of

    The game, the indicative price - € 70 and the release date - October 6. Have to wait for tomorrow's confirmation.

    Watch Dogs this fall on all consoles

    Another fuzzy frame with promotional materials and foiled another press conference. It was learned that cyberpunk action / adventure Watch Dogs will be released this fall on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360. Neither the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 is not listed.



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