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Starting Windows 8


When you first turn on your computer or when your computerhas fallen asleep after an interval of inactivity, you will see thelock screen. The lock screen displays a pretty picture as wellas some information such as time and weather. (See Section 5for how to change this picture and the information displayedon the screen.) At this point, you need to hide the lock screen,choose a user account with which to log on, and enter a passwordor PIN to get to the Start screen.


Start Your Computer and Log Onto Windows 8

1 Press the power button to start yourcomputer.2 Drag the bottom of the lock screenup.


Starting Windows 8



3 Click the Switch User arrow to the leftof the currently displayed accountpicture.


Enter your password or PIN WINDOWS 8


4 Click a user to log on as.5 Enter your password or PIN.


Click a user to log on as WINDOWS 8




The lock screen appears after a certain interval of inactivity orif you choose Sleep from the power settings by using the Settingscharm. To quickly go to the lock screen at any time, youcan use the keystroke combination Windows logo key+L.


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