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Sounds iPhone 5



You can set iPhone to play a sound whenever you get a new message, email, call, Tweet, Facebook post, voicemail, or reminders. You can also set sounds for appointments, sending an email, keyboard clicks, and when you lock iPhone.Change sound settings:   Go to Settings > Sounds. Available options include: Set whether iPhone vibrates when get a call. Set whether iPhone vibrates when you turn on silent mode. Adjust the ringer and alerts volume. Prevent the side buttons from changing the ringer volume. Set the ringtone. To set a ringtone for a person, go to their card in Contacts. Set alert and other tones. Turn on keyboard clicks and a sound for when when iPhone locks.Set vibration patterns:   Go to Settings > Sounds and choose an item from the Sounds and Vibration Patterns list. Tap Vibration to select a pattern. Define a custom vibration pattern:   Tap an item in the Sounds and Vibrations list, then tap Vibration. Tap Create New Vibration then define the pattern by touching and tappingthe screen.


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