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Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    As planned, at an event in New York, Sony introduced the eighth generation gaming console Sony PlayStation 4 and some projects for her. Although many of the details about the upcoming console leaked to the Web in a few more days before the presentation, and Sony could only confirm or deny rumors of the available, the company has managed to present the PlayStation 4 is not showing the console itself, without revealing its exact specification, not announced a price, fit and model PS4 , which will go on sale. For the most part, Sony did not say anything specific, limiting the general words and demonstrating several prototypes. We do not expect this from a company claiming to be the leader of the console market. However, let's order.


    As expected, Sony PlayStation 4 - is a PC in a different housing. At the presentation of technical data boxes fit in one slide with the big picture does not contain anything specific. Under the marketing phrase Supercharged PC Architecture could hide anything from the average gaming PC to a monster on 3 dual-chip top-level. However, given the price controls, the latter is unlikely.

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    The press release was a little more detail, but what specific CPUs and GPUs working at what frequencies will be installed in PlayStation 4 is said here:

    8-core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar"

    AMD Radeon video chip is the next generation

    CPU / GPU on a single chip

    8 GB of total memory GDDR5

    Hard drive is not named the amount and type

    Blu-ray drive

    USB 3.0

    Bluetooth 2.1

    Gigabit Ethernet

    802.11b/g/n WiFi

    HDMI, analog video, digital optical audio

    In general, it turns mainstream PCs that we have proposed in section "PC of the Month" . Video subsystem performance 1,84 TeraFLOP / s memory bandwidth is 176 GB / s. It is symptomatic that even AMD representative was not invited to the stage.

    Console itself we have not shown, so that would look like Sony PlayStation 4, we do not know yet.

    DualShock controller 4

    Instead, we were shown a DualShock controller 4. As was seen in the previously escaped Network Photo ergonomics he reminds DualShock 3, but added some new features done borrowed from the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Vita - two-way touch panel and a luminous strip, which facilitates position and the player with the camera PlayStation 4 Eye. Shown at the presentation of the prototype weighs 210 grams and has dimensions of 162 x 52 x 98 mm.

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    4 is located on the DualShock headset port, like Xbox 360 Controller, mini-USB port and a connector for future expansion. In addition to the controller, a mono speaker. Charger will be on mini-USB on a special charging station or from the console. Start and Select buttons have disappeared, their place was taken by a touch-panel, instead they now shared, and a new button Option Share, which allows users to share content recorded during the game - comments, videos, screenshots.

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    The updated PlayStation Eye got two stereo camera with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, a focal length of 30 mm and a field of view of 85 degrees. Plus an array of four microphones.


    As expected, an important role in the ecosystem PlayStation 4 will play service Gaikai, Sony acquired last year. Again, in line with earlier rumors circulate, backward compatible with games for PlayStation 1,2 and 3, which, because of the use of PC-architecture will be deprived of PlayStation 4 will be carried out by the service Gaikai. However, about how exactly will work instant streaming of games and demos, we have not talked, limiting the general words of the "fastest gaming network in the world." What channel will be necessary for streaming games, and exactly when we will be able to play PS3 games on the PS4, is also unknown. Showed only a local streaming to PlayStation 4 on PlayStation Vita, but given the meager sales of the last, few are interested.

    More in a presentation to lean on the possibility to instantly share videos with your friends using the Share. This, of course, excellent, but it is already more than YouTube fills up various letspley-roller scary to imagine what an orgy begins with the release of PlayStation 4. In addition, the social component is the possibility of a spectator mode to watch the game even ask friends and comrades who are thousands of miles away from you, go remotely difficult part of your game.

    In addition, PlayStation 4 will be expected to maintain the functionality of the media center. Through clouds Gaikai on console will Stream content from Netflix, Amazon Video, Crackle, Hulu, Music Unlimited, etc.

    Sony PlayStation 4: invisible iron

    Overall presentation of Sony PlayStation 4 has been very predictable and boring. WOW-single features has not been demonstrated, the most consoles, we have not seen most of tehnodemo and games were shown only in the form of rolls. Sony obviously hurried, trying to bypass Microsoft and announce their console before, and in fact gave the competitors a chance to prepare for E3 and make a more interesting show. Actually, the more details about the PS4 should also appear at E3 2013 in June. Price Sony PlayStation 4 is also not yet announced, but the release date is listed vague Hollidays 2013.

    More interesting than the iron invisible to us are games for the PlayStation 4 presented at the event. On them will be discussed in a separate article


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