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Snapping Apps WINDOWS 8



The ability to snap apps isn’t new with Windows 8,but the ability to snap by using a touchscreen adds aninteresting dimension. Snapping helps you to organizemore than one app on your screen to view their contentsside by side. You can also snap an app to displayit full screen with a single swipe of your finger or dragof your mouse on an app’s title bar. This action takesa bit of getting used to, and, of course, it requiresthat you have a touchscreen, so if you do, you can getsome practice here.


Snap an App1 On the Start screen, tap the Desktop tile.2 Tap the Internet Explorer shortcut on thetaskbar.

Snapping Apps WINDOWS 8


3 Press your finger on the Internet Explorer titlebar (the top of the window), and “snap” it tothe right edge of the screen.4 Tap the File Explorer shortcut on the taskbar.5 Press your finger on the File Explorer title bar,and snap it to the left edge of the screen.6 Press your finger on the Internet Explorer titlebar, and snap it to the top edge of the screen.


To snap using a mouse, simply click an app’s titlebar and drag it to the right, left, or up. Left orright changes a reduced window to full screen andchanges a full screen to half screen. Dragging updisplays an app full screen. You can also press theWindows logo key along with the Right key or Leftkey to snap an open window.


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