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SkyDrive HTC One V

About SkyDrive for HTC Sense

With SkyDriveВ® online storage, you can keep all your photos and documents in one place. You can access them anytime on HTC One V, your computer, and your other mobile device where you have SkyDrive access.

You can:

■ Use Gallery to upload your photos. You'll also be able to access your photos that are stored in your SkyDrive storage.

■ No more large attachments when sharing by email. Simply send a link to your files that are stored in SkyDrive.

■ Use Polaris Office to edit your Office documents that are stored in SkyDrive.

■ Save documents from HTC One V directly to your SkyDrive storage.

Signing in to SkyDrive

To use SkyDrive as your online storage, sign in using your Windows LiveВ® ID.

1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tapSkyDrive HTC One V> Accounts & sync

2. TapSkyDrive HTC One V > SkyDrive for HTC Sense,

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign in, or to create your Windows Live ID first if you don't have one yet.

Uploading your photos to SkyDrive from Gallery

1. From the Home screen, tapSkyDrive HTC One V> Gallery > Albums,

2. Tap the album that contains the photos that you want.

3. Tap Share > SkyDrive for HTC Sense.

4. Select one or more photos you want to upload, and then tap Next.

5. Select a folder in SkyDrive, and then tap Done.

Sending the links to SkyDrive files by email

To share your files stored in SkyDrive by email, you don't need to download them and attach to your message. Using the Mail app, you can easily include the links to your SkyDrive files and send them in your email.

1. From the Home screen, tapSkyDrive HTC One V> Mail

2. If you have several email accounts, switch to an email account you want to use.

3. Create a new email message and fill in your recipients, or reply to an email.

4. You can:

■ Tap Attach > Document, and then choose a document type.

■ Tap Attach > File if you want to choose any file type.

5. Tap SkyDrive.

6. Open the folder that contains the files that you want, and then select the files you want to share.

7. Tap Done.

You'll then see the links to your selected files added to your email message.

8. Tap Send.


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