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Sharing Files with the Share Tab Windows 8

Now that you have some experience with File Explorer, the ribbon, and working with files, you can use that knowledge to explore other tools available on the ribbon and to use those tools with less guidance. For instance, you can likely figure out how to burn the Helicopter Ride.3GP file to a CD or DVD because Burn To Disc is a command from the Share tab. Likewise, you can deduce how to print the Sheep. jpg photo by using the Print command located from that same tab. In both instances, you select the desired file, click the desired command, and follow any instructions provided. You might have to insert a disc or put paper in the printer, for instance.

Some commands are less intuitive than, for example, Print. The Zip command is one of those. When you zip something, you compress it. When you compress a group of files or a single large file, it takes up less space on your hard drive. People often zip large files or groups of files before they send them in email to reduce the amount of time it will take the files to arrive at their destination. In the past, people zipped files because of a lack of hard drive space. That is not often a problem with newer computers.

FAx is another intuitive but odd command. It's a little different from the others because you need access to a fax server or telephone line to actually send a fax, and most home users don't have that access. If you already have something in place that enables you to send faxВ­es from your computer, though, the process is intuitive. If you'd like to be able to send faxes from your computer, you'll have to perform the setup tasks that appear when you click the Fax command.

There are some tools you can now explore on your own from the Share tab. (Remember that not all options appear for all data.)

Sharing Files with the Share Tab Windows 8

EMAIL Select any file (or multiple files) in a File Explorer window to activate this option. Click Email. If you've chosen a picture (or multiple pictures) to send in email, you'll be prompted to choose a picture size first. After you click Email, your default email program will open, and the file(s) will be attached.

TROUBLESHOOTING If you do not have a dedicated email client installed and configured on your computer this command won't work and will be grayed out.

ZIP Select multiple files to compress them. After they are compressed, you can send the compressed folder (which contains the files) in email. To decompress, double-click the compressed files. You can tell a file is zipped because a zipper appears on it.

BURN TO DISC Select the file or files to burn (copy) to a CD or DVD. Click Burn To Disc. Insert a disc when prompted and follow any prompts to complete the copy process.

PRINT Select the file or files to print and click Print. You might be prompted to choose a printer, set printer properties, or perform other tasks, depending on your printer and current computer setup. The document might just begin to print with no other input from you. The Print command will be dimmed if you have selected someВ­thing, such as a song in the Music library, that can't be printed.

FAx Select a file to fax. Click the Fax command. Follow any prompts to complete the fax process.

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