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Sharing a Folder WINDOWS 8



One of the main functions of a file sharing

site such as SkyDrive is, quite logically, to

share content with others. You can share

individual folders of content and allow

people to edit the content or only read it.



Share a Folder

1 With SkyDrive open, click Files to display

the Files list.

2 Right-click a folder.

3 Choose Share.


Sharing a Folder WINDOWS 8


4 Enter an email address.

5 Enter a note (optional).

6 If you don’t want the person to edit

files, clear the Recipients Can Edit

check box.

7 Click Share.


Instead of sending a notification email, you can send a link to

the SkyDrive folder that allows people to only view files, view

and edit, or make the folder viewable by anybody. Click the Get

A Link button in the dialog box shown in the second figure on

this page to create these links.


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