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Setting Which Apps to Use for Searching WINDOWS 8



The wealth of search options in Windows 8 is “impressive; however,

you might prefer not to have the Search feature return

results in every category. For example, you might prefer not

to search the Windows Store but to go there from the Store

app on the Start screen to shop. Or you might prefer not to

get video results, especially if you are working on a Windows 8

tablet with a battery that might run down quickly when playing

videos. Setting which apps to include in a search is simple.


Setting Which Apps to Use for Searching WINDOWS 8


Choose Apps for Searching

1 Press Windows logo key+I.

2 Click Change PC Settings.

3 Click the On/Off slider for any app

to control whether Search should

include it in searches.

4 Press the Windows logo key to return

to the Start screen.


Remember that certain apps, such as

Weather and Store, require that you have

access to the Internet to return results. If

you don’t have access, the search feature

will search only your computer hard disk

for matches in apps, files, and settings



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