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Setting Up Windows Updates WINDOWS 8



Periodically, Microsoft sends out updates to itsoperating system to make improvements or fixproblems that have surfaced. You can set Windows8 to download and install these updatesautomatically. You can also choose to just havethe most urgent updates downloaded to yourcomputer.



Update Windows Automatically1 On the Start screen, begin to type ControlPanel.2 Click the Control Panel app in the results.3 Click System And Security.4 Click Turn Automatic Updating On Or Off.5 Click the drop-down arrow in the ImportantUpdates field and choose InstallUpdates Automatically, which is Microsoft’srecommended setting.


Setting Up Windows Updates WINDOWS 8


6 If you prefer, select the RecommendedUpdates check box to have less-importantupdates installed.7 Click OK.


If you’d rather have more control over downloadedupdates, you can choose either the DownloadUpdates But Let Me Choose Whether To InstallThem, or the Check For Updates But Let Me ChooseWhether To Download And Install Them option.These options enable you to pick and choose amongthe updates, downloading only those you need.


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