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Setting Up User Accounts and Passwords WINDOWS 8



If more than one person works on your computer, you might

want to set up several user accounts. Each user account can

have unique settings and store different documents. You can

also password-protect these accounts and assign a user photo

so that each user has a private computing experience. You can

set up a user account by using a Windows Live account. (You

have one if you have a Live, Hotmail, or MSN email account, or

you can create one when you create a new user.)

When you set up your computer for the first time, you

create your own user account and you are set up as the

account administrator, meaning that you have the ability to

make and change any settings. Any user accounts you set up

subsequently are set up by default as Standard users, meaning

that they can’t make changes to more sensiti


Create a New User

1 Press Windows logo key+C.

2 Click the Settings charm.

3 Click Change PC Settings.

4 Click Add A User.


Setting Up User Accounts and Passwords WINDOWS 8


5 Enter an email address.

6 Click Next.

7 Click Finish.


Setting Up User Accounts and Passwords WINDOWS 8


When you set up user accounts for children,

you might want to set some parameters

for how they can use the computer

and its Internet connection. See “Turning

on Family Safety” later in this chapter for

help with this.


If you enter a non-Windows Live address,

you might be asked to create a Windows Live

account after step 6. To create a Windows

Live account or to log on locally with no Windows

Live ID, tap the Sign Up For A New Email

Address or Don’t Want This User To Sign In With

A Microsoft Account links in step 5 and follow

the instructions.


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