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Setting Up Snap To and Display Pointer Trails WINDOWS 8



To make selections in dialog boxes simpler, you can set up your

mouse pointer to move to the default selection, which is usually

the most common option that people work with. You can also

choose to display a trail on your pointer as it moves across the

screen. If you typically have trouble locating your indicator on

the screen, the shadowy trail can make it more visible.


Set Up Snap To and Pointer Trails

1 In the Control Panel (type Control

Panel on the Start screen, and then

click Control Panel), click Hardware

And Sound.

2 Under Devices And Printers, click the

Mouse link.


Setting Up Snap To and Display Pointer Trails WINDOWS 8


3 On the Pointer Options tab, select

the Snap To check box to move the

pointer to the default choice in dialog


4 Select the Display Pointer Trails check

box and then use the slider to select

long or short mouse pointer trails.

5 Click Apply.

6 Click OK.



You can adjust the thickness of the mouse cursor to help you

spot it more easily. In PC Settings, on the Ease Of Access panel,

click the Cursor Thickness drop-down list and click a setting,

with 1 being the thinnest and 20 being the thickest


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