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Setting Up Online Accounts WINDOWS 8



When you connect your Microsoft Live account to Windows 8

and have an Internet connection, you can connect to various

online accounts by using the People app. For example, you

can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn. With

an account connected, you can then apply settings for how

to share your information and how to view information from

that account. (See Section 2, “Meet the Windows 8 Interface,”

for more information about connecting with a Windows Live



Set Up Accounts

1 Display the People app with All Contacts


2 Click the Microsoft Live button.

3 Click Add An Account.


Setting Up Online Accounts WINDOWS 8


4 Click an account type.

5 Provide user information, and log in

according to the instructions for the

type of account you’ve selected.

6 Click the icon to connect

to the account




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