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Setting Up a Wireless Network WINDOWS 8



Many people find it convenient to set up ahome network. With such a network in place,you can allow devices that join the networkto share a printer connection, Internet access,documents in shared folders, and more.



Set Up a Wireless Network1 Connect a router or other access pointhardware to your computer, and typeControl Panel on the Start screen.2 In the Search results, click Control Panel.3 Click Network And Internet.


Setting Up a Wireless Network WINDOWS 8


4 Click Network And Sharing Center.5 Click Set Up A New Connection OrNetwork.6 Click Set Up A New Network.7 Click Next.8 Click the router or access point that youwant to set up.9 Click Next.10 Enter your PIN number located on therouter label.11 Click Next.



Setting Up a Wireless Network WINDOWS 8


12 Enter a name for the network.13 Click Next.14 When the setup completes, click Close.



You don’t have to use a local network toshare certain settings from your computer.Connected accounts involve theuse of a Microsoft Live ID that allows youto access your computer settings andcontents from another computer whenyou log in to your Live ID account. Usingthis feature, you can “virtually” use yourWindows Live ID to access settings, anyfeatures you’ve customized, favorites, andcontent that you synchronize from anyWindows 8–based device.


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