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Setting Up a Homegroup WINDOWS 8



Home networks use a homegroup to include computers in thenetwork. When you belong to a homegroup, you can sharefiles and printers among those in the group. Others can’tchange files that you share unless you give them permissionto do so. You can create a new homegroup, or you can join ahomegroup that’s been set up on another computer in yournetwork.


Join a Homegroup 1 Press Windows logo key+I. 2 Click Change PC Settings. 3 Click HomeGroup.


Setting Up a Homegroup WINDOWS 8


4 If a homegroup is already set up, yourcomputer might find it; if not, enter ahomegroup password.5 Click Join.


The administrator of your network can view the password and share it with you by going to the Control Panel, clicking Network And Internet, HomeGroup, and then clicking View Or Print The HomeGroup Password.




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