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Set up Windows 8.

Explore and customize the Start screen.

Customize live tiles.

Access the traditional desktop.

Work with windows and apps.

Work with PC Settings and Control Panel.

End a computing session.

>He first time you press the power button on a new computer, laptop, or tablet running Windows 8, you are prompted to perform a few setup tasks. After those tasks are complete, each time you press the power button or wake the computer from sleep, the Windows 8 Lock screen appears. Use this screen to unlock the computer and gain access to the Windows 8 Start screen. The Start screen is the starting point for everything you do with Windows 8, including accessing apps, the Internet, the desktop and shortcuts you've placed there, and applications you've installed, such as Microsoft Office.

In this chapter, you'll learn how to work through the primary set up tasks, and then you'll learn to use the Start screen, open windows on the traditional desktop, access Control Panel, and safely end a computing session. Along the way, you'll begin to personalize the computer so that it's uniquely yours.

TIP Do you need a quick refresher on the topics in a chapter? See the key points at the end of each chapter.

Setting Up Windows 8

The first time you turn on a new computer running Windows 8, you are prompted to per­sonalize the background color of the Start screen, name your computer, and choose how you sign in to your computer, among other things. If a network is available, you can opt to connect to that, too. You might have already done this. However, if you have not, here is a list of the options you will likely see.

TIP If you have already set up your computer running Windows 8, it is possible to make changes to your choices using Control Panel and PC Settings if you aren't pleased. You'll learn how to access Control Panel later in this chapter, and you'll learn about the PC Settings hub throughout this book.

>He Windows 8 setup process prompts you to configure or input the following information.

BACKGROUND COLOR You choose the backg ound co o by us ng a s de p ov ded fo

That pu pose

COMPUTER NAME You compute must have a name that s un que on you oca a ea

Netwo k You can t have spaces o spec a cha acte s n the name, such as!, @, , and so on, but you a e p ompted f you t y to nput a cha acte that s p oh b ted

NETWORK f you compute unn ng w ndows 8 detects a netwo k, you a e p ompted to jo n t f you want to jo n, and f t s a p otected netwo k, you must a so nput the pass code You shou d connect to you oca a ea netwo k du ng setup f you a en t p ompted to jo n a netwo k du ng the setup p ocess, but you know one s ava ab e, make su e afte setup competes that youve ethe connected an Ethe net cabe o enabed the w F featu e on you compute

SETTINGS these sett ngs e ate to how and when the compute nsta s updates; how w ndows 8 p otects the compute f om unsafe content; whethe apps can pe sona ze the nfo mat on offe ed th ough them based on you ocaton, name, and account pctu e; how to sha e you data; and wh ch keyboa d settngs to use You can custom ze the

Ava ab e sett ngs o use Exp ess Sett ngs Often Exp ess Sett ngs s fine; you can a ways change the optons ate

MICROSOFT ACCOUNT OR LOCAL USER ACCOUNT You choose how you want to og on to you compute f you have a M c osoft account and you want to access the data a eady assoc ated wth t, such as apps you ve acqu ed f om the w ndows sto e o pho tos you ve saved to skyD ve, o you want to sync sett ngs (such as fo M c osoft nte net Exp o e Favo tes and desktop backg ounds) ac oss othe compute s unn ng w ndows 8, you shou d configu e you M c osoft account du ng th s step You must have a M c osoft account to access and make pu chases f om the sto e f you do not have an account o do not want to sync wth you ex st ng M c osoft account, choose a oca account nstead

TIP If you configured a local user account during setup and now want to use a Microsoft account, you can make the change in PC Settings, from the Users tab.

PASSWORD Th s s the passwo d you ente to un ock you compute f you nput a M c osoft account du ng setup, nput the passwo d a eady assoc ated wth that account f you c eated a oca account du ng setup, you can c eate a passwo d fo that account now a though c eatng a passwo d fo a oca use account s not mandato y, you shou d nput one ate, you can c eate othe ways to un ock the compute, nc ud ng us ng a pctue passwo d o a fou dgt PN (pe sona dentficaton numbe )

PASSWORD HINT Th s comp ses a few wo ds that you type to em nd you of you

Passwo d f you eve fo get t


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