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Set Up Games WINDOWS 8



1 In the Family Safety dialog box, click

a user for whom Family Safety settings

are turned on.


Set Up Games WINDOWS 8


2 Click Windows Store And Game


3 Click the first option, “User” Can Play

All Games And View All Windows

Store Apps, if you don’t want the user

to play games; if you leave this setting

selected, use the Allow Or Block

Games And Windows Store Apps

By Rating link to make additional



Set Up Games WINDOWS 8


4 If you prefer to allow the user to use

some games, click Set Game And

Windows Store Ratings.

5 Click to allow or block games with no


6 Click a rating level.

7 Click the Close button.


If your children are into online games, take a look at Section

9, “Working with Apps,” for more about playing games online,

including some safety tips


It is possible to stop users from working with certain apps by

using Family Safety. For example, if you use a program for your

work and don’t want to risk having your child open your work

and make changes to it, you might want to use this control. If

you want to restrict access to certain apps on your computer,

on the Family Safety screen displayed in step 2 of this task,

click a user and then click Program Limits. Click the option for

allowing use only of certain programs, and then on the list that

appears, click to select any installed programs. Click OK to set

this control.


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