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SET Up Calculator to the taskbar to personalize it Windows 8


SET Up There is no setup for this exercise. You do not need any practice files to com­plete this exercise. If you are not on the Start screen, click the Windows key or posi­tion the cursor in the bottom-left corner of the screen and click or tap the Start screen thumbnail.

1 While on the Start screen, type Calc. The results appear.

 SET Up Calculator to the taskbar to personalize it Windows 8

2 Right-click Calculator. The related touch gesture is to tap, hold, and drag downward until a check mark appears on the Calculator entry.

3 Click Pin to taskbar.

Tip The option next to Pin To Taskbar is Pin To Start. If you choose this option, a tile appears on the Start menu that offers access to the application.

 SET Up Calculator to the taskbar to personalize it Windows 8

CLEAN Up To return to the desktop, use the Windows+D shortcut. You can also use the mouse to click in the top-left corner. Using touch gestures, position the cursor in the top-left corner and touch there to return to the previous screen or flick inward from the left side with your thumb. If you do not have a keyboard or mouse, flick inward from the left side of the screen until the desktop appears.

Tip If you work at the desktop regularly, pin your favorite desktop apps to the taskbar. To unpin something from the taskbar, right-click its icon on the taskbar and choose Unpin This Program From Taskbar. You can also unpin an item from the Start screen Windows 8


To do so, right-click its tile and then click Unpin from taskbar.

Working with Multiple windows and Apps

AS you saw earlier, when you open a file such as a text document, the desktop appears, and a program opens to make the file available. It might be Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, or something else. That program and the file are contained in a single window, and the program's features and data are available from it. You'll often have more than one window open at a time, though, and you need to know ways to move among the windows effectively. You might have a document, a web browser, and File Explorer open, all of which are available from the desktop.

 SET Up Calculator to the taskbar to personalize it Windows 8

Likewise, you might also have opened several apps from the Start screen. You might have opened Maps, Mail, Weather, Music, and others. These apps aren't all available from one area such as the desktop; instead, you must switch among them by using keyboard and touch techniques. By default, only one app appears on the screen at any given time, although a technique is available to show two.

 SET Up Calculator to the taskbar to personalize it Windows 8

In this section, you'll learn the traditional ways of managing multiple open windows on the desktop and then how to manage multiple open desktop applications and apps.

Let's start with the desktop. One way to manage multiple open windows on the desktop is to size them so that you can see all of them at one time. When positioned this way, you need to click only once in the window you want to use. The window you choose appears in the foreground and becomes the active window. This view isn't always effective, though, and you'll often need to maximize a window so that it takes up the entire screen.

TROUBLESHOOTING If you can't access all the features in a window, maximize it.

The problem with maximizing a window so that it takes up the entire screen is that you no longer have easy access to the other open windows. They are now behind the active win­dow in which you're working. To get to those other windows requires knowing a few tricks.

Here are the most common ways to manage multiple open windows:

MINIMizE TO THE taskbar You can mnmze any maxmzed wndow to the taskba Do ng so emoves t f om the desktop Afte t s emoved (m n m zed), you can see the w ndows that we e p ev ous y unde neath t one way to m n m ze a w ndow s to c ck the espectve con on the taskba ; a mo e fam a way s to c ck the dash n the top ght co ne of the w ndow To esto e the w ndow, c ck ts con on the taskba

SHAKE THE WINDOW TO KEEp To emove a but one w ndow f om the desktop and m n m ze the othe s to the taskba, c ck, ho d, and then shake the top of the w ndow youd ke to keep the othe w ndows w fa to the taskba

RESizE A WINDOW You can es ze a max m zed w ndow by d agg ng the w ndow downwa d by the top cente pa t of the topmost tooba when ts n esto e mode, you can d ag f om the co ne s of the w ndow to fu the man pu ate ts s ze

TROUBLESHOOTING You can't drag from a window's corner if the window is maximized. All desktop corners are hot corners, so when you position your cursor there, charms, the Start thumbnail, the last-used app, and so on appear.

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