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Searching with Bing WINDOWS 8



There’s a lot of content on the Internet, and using your browser

to find what you need is an important skill that you should

master. If you want to search the entire web for a site, page, or

document, you can do so in Internet Explorer 10 by typing a

search term in the address bar or by using a search engine such

as Bing or Google. You can go to a particular search engine by

entering its URL, such as www.bing.com, in the address bar and

pressing Enter. Bing is the default search engine if you use the

address bar to search.


Search the Internet

1 With Internet Explorer 10 open, rightclick

the screen.

2 Enter a search term, such as pollution,

in the address bar.

3 Press Enter.

4 Click in the Bing search field.

5 To narrow your search further, enter a

search term such as water pollution.

6 Click Search.


Searching with Bing WINDOWS 8


7 Click a category such as Images or

News to narrow your search.

8 Click any result to go to that site


If you want to make changes to Bing search settings, click the

Preferences button in the upper-right corner. In the page that

appears, you can filter adult content, turn on Search Suggestions,

change the display language, and specify your location

so that results are more relevant to you.


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