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Searching on a Page WINDOWS 8



Individual webpages on a website can be quite long. You can

use scroll bars in your browser to move down a page, or you

can search to find specific contents on a page. In Internet

Explorer 10, you can use a Find On Page feature to search for

and scroll through all highlighted instances of a search term on

the currently active page.


Search for Content on a Page

1 Navigate to the page you want to


2 Right-click.

3 Click the Page Tools button.

4 Click Find On Page.

5 Enter a word or phrase.

6 Click the Previous or Next button


Searching on a Page WINDOWS 8


When you enter a search term, such as “win,” your results will

include all words that contain those letters, such as Windows

and winner. To narrow your search to only the word “win” in

this example, simply enclose the term with quotation marks


Use the Get App For This Site selection from the Page Tools

button menu to download any associated app for sites such as

Zune.com or Amazon.com.


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