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Searching for Locations WINDOWS 8



If you want to see a particular location displayed in the Maps

app, you can simply enter an address using the Windows Integrated

Search feature. The information you enter can be the

name of a public landmark such as Hoover Dam, a city or town

such as Denver, or a street address.


Search for a Location

1 From the Start Screen, begin typing a

search term such as “pizza”.

2 In the Search results, click Maps.

3 If there are multiple results, they

appear at the top of the screen; click

a result to go there.


Searching for Locations WINDOWS 8


4 Right-click to access Map tools to

refine your search or get directions.

5 Right-click to display the Search field



You aren’t limited to entering a city name

or address in the Maps search field. Enter

terms such as “Italian restaurant” or “Holiday

Inn” to find nearby locations of a certain

type or in a certain category.


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