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Searching for a Photo WINDOWS 8



The Search feature of Windows 8 allows you to search for apps,

settings, and files. If you have a picture file stored on your hard

disk or on an external storage device, such as on a USB flash

drive, you can use the Search feature to search by the file name

or associated keywords.


Search for Photos

1 On the Start screen, type the title of a

photo file.

2 In the Search results, click Files.

3 Click Pictures.

4 Click the picture you want the Photos

app to display when you open the



Searching for a Photo WINDOWS 8


5 To move to the previous or next picture,

click the right or left arrow.

6 To return to the Photos main screen,

press Escape.


When you display the contents of your Pictures

Library, which is the Pictures folder on your hard

disk, you can right-click and click the Browse By

Date button to display images from most recent

to least recent.


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