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ONE OF THE most important applications I keep installed on my PC is one of the simplest a lightweight, powerful screen - capture program. The one I use is called Greenshot (available for free at www, qetqreen shot. orgl, but all that matters is that you use a program that allows you to take and automatically save a screenshot at the press of a button. What's great about screen - shots is that, with so much of modern life taking place on a computer screen, they provide a fail-safe way to remember important things. Receipt from an online order? Take a screen - shot. A friend tells you some - thing important in an IM? Take a screenshot. See a game on Steam that you might want to buy later? Take a screenshot. There are programs, like Evernote, designed to make this sort of "clipping" more or - ganized, but I find that I some - times get too caught up in the extra features, and nothing beats the speed and simplicity of a screenshot.

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