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Scan for Malware WINDOWS 8



1 From the Start screen, begin to type

Windows Defender.

2 When the Windows Defender app

appears in the Search results, click it.


Scan for Malware WINDOWS 8


3 On the Home tab, click either the

Quick or Full scan option.

4 Click the Scan Now button.

5 When the scan is completed, check

to see what threats, if any, were


6 Click the Close button.


You can customize your scan. Follow the steps in this task, but at step 3,

click the Custom Scan option. When you click the Scan Now button, you

can select check boxes for the drives you want to scan. For example,

you can scan only your hard disk, any DVD or removable/external drive

attached to your computer, or all drives. Click OK to run the scan


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